Alumni Profiles

Diverse career paths – let the alumni tell you about the value of our programs

We asked the alumni from our undergraduate and graduate programs to tell prospective students about the work they do and how our programs affected the achievement of their career goals. Please explore their answers below.


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To help you navigate our alumni profiles, please note that our undergraduate curriculum was restructured in 2010 to allow for greater flexibility in course selection and choice of specialization.

Currently the Bachelor of Public Administration Honours or Specialized Honours programs have a common core, with the flexibility to choose a specialization at the end of the second year of study. The current options for specialization in the Bachelor of Public Administration program correspond to the older degree options listed in the alumni profiles as follows:

Previous Bachelor of Arts (BA) Specialized Honours degree options Current Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA) degree options
Public Policy and Administration Specialized Honours BPA, Policy Analysis stream
Public Policy and Management Specialized Honours BPA, Management stream
Public Administration and Justice Studies Specialized Honours BPA, Law, Justice and Public Policy stream
Honours BPA
Honours minor in public administration