Graduates from our Professional Certificate in Public Policy Analysis

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Georgette Morris - Support Clerk / MPPAL Student

Georgette MorrisPresent Job Title: Support Clerk / MPPAL Student
Present Employer: Government of Canada
Degree Earned: Professional Certificate in Public Policy Analysis
Year Graduated: 2014

Tell prospective students a bit about the work you do?

After graduating from the Professional Public Policy Analysis Certificate , I worked a contract job with the City of Mississauga for the duration of the summer in Community Services. In late September, I began working with the Federal Government - Service Canada Application Processing Unit. I work with both the Canadian Pension Plan and Old Age Security Applications using a variety of software facilitating quality assurance, validation, research and analysis. In September, I also commenced my Masters of Public Policy Administration and Law at York University. Ultimately I would like to work with the Government of Canada- Citizenship and Immigration Department.

Tell prospective students a bit about how your studies at York helped you to get where you are today.

My undergraduate studies at York University in Social Science and Human Rights and Equity Studies coupled with certificates in Law and Society and Public Policy Analysis have significantly contributed to my current academic and career pursuits. The School of Public Policy Administration have been instrumental in my development, by providing ample opportunity through informative classes, workshops, leadership and networking. As a student at SPPA, I can attest to how important the combination of academic and professional development aspects offered through the Bachelors, Minor and Certificate options are. These do contribute to great networking opportunities.

The Professional Certificate served as an important step for myself academically and professionally as it really allowed me to emerge in the field and determine what I enjoyed doing.