Experiential Education Courses

Do not miss out on these opportunities to enhance your CV! These courses have a proven track-record of translating into jobs. Honours standing recommended.


(AP/PPAS 4111 3.00 – FALL 2018; AP/PPAS 4112 3.00 – WINTER 2019)

The current state of the international refugee protection regime will be examined to reveal the underlying forces and dynamics at the root of the critical problems and the probable solutions facing those seeking international protection. The second course in the series analyzes specific international asylum and refugee issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students will conduct independent research on international asylum and refugee issues and will have an Experiential Education opportunity with an organization working with refugees.
Past partner organizations include: YMCA; New Settlement Services; FCJ Refugee Centre; Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture (CCVT); Sojourn House; and UNHCR.


(AP/PPAS 4200 6.00 FALL/WINTER 2018-2019)

An applied analysis of specific areas of public policy chosen to reflect current public debates. Students apply their knowledge of policy analysis in the context of case studies and/or real world projects with community partners.
Prerequisites: 78 credits including AP/PPAS/POLS 3190 6.00 Public Administration.
Course credit exclusions: AP/PPAS 4300 6.00, AP/GL/POLS 4300 6.00.
Recent partner organizations include: ServiceOntario, Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Help Fight Ebola Canada.


(AP/PPAS 4310 3.00 – FALL 2018; AP/PPAS 4320 3.00 – WINTER 2019)

Provides students with the fundamental methodological tools necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of government and NGO programs. Students will learn to develop research designs for formative evaluations, summative evaluations and needs studies. Students will have an opportunity to put research designs into practice for program evaluations in partnership with public and not-for-profit sector organizations.
Both courses must be taken in the same year.
Prerequisites: AP/PPAS 3300 6.0 Statistics for Social Sciences or similar undergraduate course.
Past partner organizations include: Canadian Red Cross, United Way, Deaf-Blind Ontario, ON Ministry of Environment, Transportation and Attorney General.


(AP/PPAS 4995 6.00 – FALL/WINTER 2018-19)

Public policy and administration students in their fourth year may take an independent, individually supervised reading and research course, which combines volunteer work experience in an agency with an academic analysis of that experience. Enrolment is by permission only and permission will be granted only in September depending on the number of placements available and the competitiveness of the student pool. In the meantime, students should put their name on the wait list form for this course.

Prerequisite: AP/PPAS/POLS 3190 6.00 or equivalent or permission of the course director. 
Past partner organizations include
: the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour, Ontario Legislative Assembly, Attorney General, City of Toronto, Ontario Bar Association, and many more.